Sales Reporting for DEAR Inventory

DEAR Systems is a leading Inventory Management add-on to Xero and QuickBooks. We have a seamless API driven integration with DEAR that pulls the key Customer, Product and Sales Transaction data using the DEAR API.

SalesMatrix SWOT is the perfect complement for any DEAR customer selling B2B. SWOT offers sales managers and reps the playbook for upsell/cross-sell opportunities and deeper customer engagement through insights.

Our DEAR customers include well-known brands such as:


The best add-on to your DEAR Inventory system to grow your sales

SalesMatrix SWOT reads the data from your DEAR inventory system and utilises complex algorithms to deliver Plain English insights on your customers and products. The easiest enhancement to your DEAR IMS to cost justify! With direct impact on growing and retaining sales, SWOT is a no-brainer!

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